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Honoring the Connection Between the Earth, Sky and the Spiral of Life

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Honoring the Connection Between the Earth, Sky and the Spiral of Life

Shamanic Astrology is based on the statement of, “As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.” Our relationship with the planets, moon, Sun and other stars is as old as humanity itself. The cycles of the Earth (and its relationship with the solar system) are infused into our own natural biorhythms. Shamanic astrology can assist us in understanding how we can fulfill the quotient of who we are and participating more fully with our life purpose.

Shamanic Astrology is not your everyday, mainstream astrology.   It’s delivered in an integrative and non-judgmental way, showing that All Paths and Signs (aka Archetypes) are Valid.  It respects the totality and cyclical nature of who we are as human beings.  It could also be called, “Initiatory Astrology”, where each cycle is a window of time that initiates a person to take the next step, sometimes backward and other times, forward.

Erik-black shirtThis is not Sun-based astrology. While the Sun is part of your overall horoscope, the Moon, Rising Sign, Venus and Mars are as much a signature of your being as the Sun, if not more so.

One of the main purposes of Shamanic Astrology is to empower people to take hold of their own lives and embrace the potential of who we really are.   All of us are part of the Spiral of Life, circles within circles, an unending series of involution and evolution.  We are all initiates along the path to our greatest potential.

Walk with me on the trail to discover your own stories, your own gods and godesses and see what truths rise to the surface.

Astrological Services based on the teachings of Daniel Giamario and the

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

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