Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus and Pluto: The Middle World Caught between Shadow & Revolution

Less than a day before Uranus moved into Aries, and earthquake and tsunami, like that seen in movies, was unleashed from the depths of the ocean and earth toward a first-world nation, Japan.  This disaster is microcosm of the alignment of Pluto in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries from now until the middle of 2017 (Pluto and Uranus are no more than 10 degrees from an exact square during this period).  However, a crucial period between mid-2012-2015 will feature these planets at a precise square for the majority of those 3 years.  This alignment is rare, due to length of time it takes for each one to orbit the Sun.

The Aries archetype is directly focused on Self, justice-seeking, mission/goal-oriented and aggressive, while Capricorn involves practicality, structure, rules and laws and building a future for the next 7 generations.  When Uranus and Pluto get involved, it becomes an underworld revolution of unpredictability, forcing shadow and fear to come to the surface to bring about necessary evolutionary change for the integration of all parts of humanity into our consciousness.    The March 11th earthquake tore down structure, casting shadow as the Pacific Ocean rushed over land and forcing people to look into the eyes of fear.

Pluto is an underworld strategy and Uranus a celestial strategy affecting 2 middle world archetypes, Capricorn and Aries.  Even before this earthquake took place, structure has been collapsing in Pluto’s watch (Haiti quake in 2010, the Gulf oil rig explosion and spill in 2010, Australia’s seemingly unending series of storms/floods this year).  It’s not the events that are the important thing, here, but what those events trigger in all of us when it comes to the shadow side of structured control.  The precursor to Uranus in Aries has been seen since late December, when Tunisia began the first in a domino-effect of revolutions in North Africa and the Middle-East (centered on oil, as a basis for much of modern civilization).  The totalitarian regimes, such as in Syria, where those in power react to the fear that “control” of the country is being lost and so use weapons to force submission on the population.  The ‘Uranus in Aries’ fight for what is right has now been switched ‘on’ and the deconstruction of the past along with it.   While these events can happen during any cycle, the process has reached a critical mass and is accelerating with more and more frequency.  The structure of civilization is especially vulnerable now, more than any time going back many generations.  I will mention that it’s also due to the Turning of the Ages (the next Great Year of the 26,000-year cycle of the Procession of the Equinox), but that is a topic all on its own!

What can we expect?  The unexpected, of course!  Pluto and Uranus work outside of linear time and without respect to readiness.  However, the last time Uranus was in the sign or archetype of Aries was in 1927 and the following year, 1928, it squared Pluto (in the sign of Cancer) and continued in that aspect through 1935.  Two major powers were being born during this time: The Japanese Empire and the Third Reich of Germany.  (Strangely, the Japanese Empire died as a direct use of nuclear power by the United States . . . and now Japan relies heavily on nuclear power for energy, thus creating the expanding national disaster that has the potential to end an economic empire).   It was also the time of the Great Depression.  How this cycle will manifest is anyone’s guess, especially the details of what will happen.  But like weather patterns, astrologers can create forecasts and provide ‘indications’ or ‘tendencies’ for  ‘possibilities’ for what may occur.  In quantum physics, there is something called the “Heisenberg uncertainty principle.”   It states that “you cannot make measurements with infinite accuracy, such as measuring the velocity and position of an electron.  No matter how sensitive your instruments are, there will always be uncertainty in your measurements.” (from Parallel Worlds by Michiu Kaku pg 101).  It can’t be predicted with 100% reliability. I believe that if anything can happen, it’s that everything can and will happen.  This is the time of all possibilities.


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