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Movie Review – Astrological

The Fountain of Youth and the Tree of Life have been in human mythology for many thousands of years.  The Fountain builds a plot around these centerpieces of history using a man driven to find the cure for his dying wife.

Hugh Jackman plays Tommy Creo, a medical scientist completely devoted to his work and through that his dying wife, Izzi Creo, played by Rachel Weisz.  Tommy loves Izzi and it does show in the bits and pieces in the film.  While more could have been shown to solidify the bond between Tommy and Izzi, the important elements of their lives for one film’s idea of how the Tree of Life/Fountain of Youth are symbolized.

In The Fountain, Tommy is portrayed from a past-life angle that ties in to the ‘present’ and ‘future’ selves.  Some questions in the movie are not answered, especially if the modern-day Tommy and future Tommy are one and the same (though I lean toward that being the case).  Izzi is fascinated by what she has learned by Mayan culture and their underworld, Xibalba, symbolized by the star of the same name surrounded by a nebula in the constellation of Orion.  Izzi shows Tommy the nebula/star through a telescope.  She reveals to Tommy the nature of what he sees and also that she’s writing a book about a Spanish conquistador sent on a quest to New Spain for eternal life, in order to save Spain and the Queen from the rising inquisition.   Tommy plays the conquistador and Izzi is the Queen.

Tommy’s astrological makeup and cycles can be discerned in a variety of ways.  He certainly is caring and protective of Izzi, works long hours (sometimes to the detriment of the marriage).   He listens and understands Izzi but hears only what he wants, for the most part.  Izzi has child-like curiosity about things around her, pleasant demeanor, loves her husband but is somewhat detached from her terminal illness.  She has a fixation on Mayan culture and their underworld and writes a ‘fictional’ book placing her and Tommy as the lead characters on a quest to find the Tree of life/Fountain of Youth.  She definitely sees a more cosmic picture, where Tommy is more intensely grounded.

My best guess is Tommy has heavy Capricorn influence on and possibly having Saturn on his Ascendent, which I believe (and some may debate this) to be Pisces.  It was Izzi’s curiosity and creativity that eventually seeded his medical discoveries and future mission to the star, Xibalba.  He may also have a Libra Mars.  There is a great healing/transcendence element to Tommy that wants to come through above and beyond his addictions to Capricorn.

For Izzi, there is an obvious Aquarian component that is strong (Possibly her Moon and strong Uranus conjunction on another personal planet), but also Taurus/Pluto energy signature due to her loss of touch from the illness and her longing to replace this loss with an Aquarian version of Taurus through the cosmos and desires for Tommy.  She wants to feel.

The 2 souls of Tommy and Izzi have what is called astrological circles, nodal connections, or, in other words, karmic links of some kind.  For Tommy, it’s a progressive connection that helps him evolve to his future path with Izzi’s natal Saturn connected on his Ascendant or North Node.   The other connection appears to be with Izzi’s south node on Tommy’s natal position of Jupiter, or perhaps his Sun.

This is simply my astrological review of the movie and doesn’t give the entire story.  I encourage anyone curious about catching hints of history, cosmic consciousness and tastes of the middle world, underworld and the celestial plane, to watch this movie.

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