Winter Solstice and 2013 Alignments

While the world is awaiting the infamous date of December 21st, 2012 to mark, the “end of the Mayan Calendar”, 2013 will be here before we know it and there are some very important night sky alignments.

However, before a short discussion of the 2013 night sky alignments, I will take a brief look at the significance of Winter Solstice.  “The End of the World”  is not happening the moment the Sun enters in the sign of Capricorn (Winter Solstice).  However, the date is important in that it is not only Winter Solstice but signifies the continuance of the Turning of the Ages and marks a step forward in humanity’s evolution of consciousness.  2012 is part of the center point of a 144-year window that holds the alignment of the galactic plane and the ecliptic (the path in the sky where the Sun “moves”) with the point of Winter Solstice.

Astronomical Clock in Prague - photo from Wikipedia

It is the Galactic Cross (one at each Solstice) meeting the re-birth of the Sun/Solar Cycle.  It is an extra-special rejuvenation point for humanity and the planet Earth.  This 144-year window is part of a “Great Year”, which represents a 26,000-year span of linear time.  This is akin to a enormous, organic clock constructed by the Universe orchestrating an opportunity for all of humanity.   In all, we are about to begin a new Great Year and hence a new stage of evolution on all levels and planes of existence.  For more on the Winter Solstice point, I would refer you to my collegue, Cayelin Castell with her article, Celebrating the Solstices.

The Earth will not end on 12/21/12, but we are indeed processing the end of one Great Year that takes time to fully integrate and open up into a new 26,000-year period where we choose what kind of world in which to live.

2013 Alignments:

A week ago before sunrise, I took a walk in Northwest Portland and was surprised to see that the clouds had parted just enough to witness the alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn, in ascending order.  We have received so much rain recently that I thought it would be a long while before the night sky would appear.  I was more than delighted to re-connect with those planets.  Mercury is typically very challenging to see in the city, so it was a treat.  All three planets are in Scorpio, tasking us to go deeply into selves, learning about our passions, life force and knowing that there are boundaries/limits we create that are unhealthy or that we need to create healthy boundaries and face the fears of speaking our true voice.

Diagram of a Lunar Eclipse

The night sky is of great importance not only to Shamanic Astrology, but to humanity.  Our connection to the stars, planets and the moon cannot be overstated.   They represent our connection and help us understand the cycles of the Earth and our individual/collective life at all phases through archetypal energy, myth,  gravity, light and time.

There will be several important visual alignments like the one I mentioned that take place in 2013.  Here are some primary events in the night sky that will only require you to look up with a relatively unclouded view.  This is not a complete list, but will provide a flavor of what to expect in 2013:

  • In the Winter, once a month (Jan 22nd and Feb 17th, and March 17th – the closest visible conjunction)  Jupiter, the Moon and the star Aldebaran will be conjunct and prominent most of the night in the constellation of The Bull.
  • May 10 & 11 conjunction of Venus, Moon and Jupiter – Visible in the evening sky just after sunset
  • April 25 Partial Lunar Eclipse – Visible in most of Asia, Africa and parts of Europe
  • May 10th Solar Annular Eclipse – Visible in the South Pacific and Australia (Partial in Hawaii and Indonesia)
  • Aug 3rd Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury conjunction in the constellation of the Twins – Early morning sky on the eastern horizon before sunrise.
  • Sept 4th, Venus will conjunct the star Spica in the constellation of the Virgin Preistess (evening sky in west after sunset).
  • Nov 3rd, Hybrid Solar Eclipse – Visible in the North Atlantic and Equatorial Africa (Partial in Eastern North America, Northern South America, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa).  Click here for more on the definition of a Hybrid Solar Eclipse.
  • Nov 22nd, Jupiter & Moon high in the sky while Mars closer to the eastern horizon (middle of night, early morning).

Of course, there are many more important astronomical/astrological events through 2013, but these are notable.  I wish you great blessings for the holiday season and throughout 2013 . . .


Erik 12.10.12


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